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Accelerate business transformation by making your organization cyber resilient through vulnerability identification, reduced security incidents and by saving on security hardware costs using SECaaS

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Most cybersecurity threats on your organization can be rapidly contained and combated through accelerated incident analysis, maintaining security hygiene, and harnessing automated incident management responses

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Developing Digital Security Resilience

Application Testing

Application Testing

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Advisory Outcomes


Firewalls & Security Risk Coverage
Proactively monitor and update latest physical and virtual instances of firewalls and provide high security risk coverage against Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, Virus, Denial of service (DoS), Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), Man-in-the-middle and Brute force attacks across laptops, mobiles, tablets, servers, etc
Integrated Threat Intelligence Assessment
Collect and integrate data from various devices, applications, and servers to identify security events and threat feeds, and access threat advisory reports for quick overview of critical and high vulnerabilities and recent malware attacks using Splunk tech support converged with infra security
Automated Security Workflows
Automate multiple manual functions, orchestrate your workflows, and integrate your SIEM, ticketing system, e-mail and threat intelligence tools using the SOAR platform to efficiently investigate and respond to security incidents
Multiple Network & Endpoint Security
Protect a wide variety of local, cloud and edge-based network service models including NaaS, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DaaS, RaaS, VaaS and EaaS and identify, eliminate and close blind spots and security gaps by stopping advanced threats using our endpoint security monitoring and visibility capabilities
Vulnerability & Incident Management
Integrate with vulnerability assessment scanner feeds to generate timely alerts and detect all deviant configurations with respect to baseline security standards. Use response planning capabilities to contain and mitigate identified threats using onsite or remote incident responders
Bi-directional Integration for Incident Management
Bi-directional integration with ticketing system initiates incident recording to alert security team of an action. The team then collaborates to execute tasks and decisions based on examined, relevant threat intelligence and tracks the process to completion in order to efficiently resolve the incident

Our Approach

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Vulnerability Assessment & Management
We assess and manage your vulnerabilities and access threats across your network, systems, and applications to identify existing and emerging threats, mitigate them and improve resilience
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Access Management Compliances
We evaluate and device measure to safeguard identities and access control of users for security and streamlining user experience across devices by deploying a highly scalable and agile digital security solution
Digital Security Data Protection Icon
Data Protection
We audit, suggest, secure and protect vast amounts of critical data using highly adaptable encryption and tokenization solutions that are flexible, scalable, and cost-effective
Digital Security Compliance Adherence Icon
Compliance Adherence
We help you assess current risks, verify adherence to various standards, and implement policies and technology to ensure you meet and maintain complex governance and compliance requirements
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Cloud Security
We assess the risks associated with migrating workloads, applications, and data on the cloud, and minimise them using automation and by associating with the latest technology partners

Our Expertise


Our portfolio of trusted and scalable professional and managed data security services advisors combine deep domain and industry expertise to create actionable and business-oriented workflows using Microsoft and Azure cloud service partner solutions.

Find out how the latest in SOC, SIEM and SOAR technologies can help you reach your privacy and security goals