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Ad Operations - Platform Management Services

Aug 02 2021 ,

iOPEX is a partner for publishers, ad-tech players and agencies to streamline, manage and scale their ad operations. We enhance speed and quality of operations by bringing a balanced mix of process standardization, quality assurance and robotic process automation.

The Client :

The client is the market leader in true native advertising, with offices across the United States. Their works revolves around brand content served within publisher editorial streams, matched to the look, and feel of each publication, fully integrated and consumed on the publisher site.

The Challenge :

The client platform works with over 400 publishers for bringing in contextually aligned native ads from advertisers and media agencies in their editorial feeds. On the demand side, the platform is used by advertisers and agencies for running native campaigns with various publisher sites related to their categories.
Considering this huge scale of operations, sustaining short turnaround times for publisher/advertiser onboarding; placement conception and set up of native ad slots became paramount to handle the huge volume of campaigns from all the advertisers and to avoid revenue leakages. And in addition, the efficiency and scale required in handling the campaign management operations to ensure maximized ROI for advertisers and revenues for publishers was also becoming high.

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